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Everything speaks the language of frequency.  Ever notice how animals adjust their posture according to your emotions and body language--to your energy?  

We are following our passion for creative writing, compassionate education, and non-profit fundraising...and forever drawn to fostering inter-species communication between humans and the natural world.

I resonate with furry creatures, nature, the Cosmos and healing.   Wendy Groomes is an animal lover, and has worked with them professionally for three decades. Her ancestors groomed horses, hence the name Groomes and her great-grandfather was a farrier and a blacksmith in local Brookeville, Maryland.

Intention of our work is to build bridges and provide guardians with tools to connect more intimately with their beloved pets, and nature.   With decades of practice in animal communication, energy healing and conscious touch (locally and from a distance), and the specialized care of pets, we have also expanded our attention to incorporating as a non-profit, raising awareness about the field of animal communication, healing and the benefits of mindful medicine.

Wendy is highly gifted in her ability to communicate with animals and tend to their specific needs.   
She has been valuable beyond words in helping me find at times, and provide wellness guidance for my cat--she is my go to person when I need help with an animal.
                                                                                                     ~Patrick in Lisbon, Portugal

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