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Trusted Local & International Resource

I come by this work naturally, it’s in my bloodline and my heart and soul.

Training Experience
Process-Oriented Bodywork
Somatic Embodiment
Trauma Informed Energy-work

Qi Gong Teacher Certification
Animal Communication
Canine/Feline Massage Therapy
Conscious Touch
Reiki Master

Flower Essence Therapist
Professional Pet-Sitter

Wendy Groomes is an animal lover who has worked with animals professionally for close to three decades.


She is the founder and President of CPR-escue Sanctuary & Enrichment Center, a newly established 501c3, with a mission to raise awareness about the plight of wildlife, and assist domesticated animals here at home in the USA.  

In addition to CPR's mission, after decades of offering animal communication, energy healing and conscious touch locally and from a distance, and decades of pet-sitting and pet-care, her attention turns to teaching others how to do the same.

Of course personal sessions remain available.


After graduating from massage school (PMTI 1995) and practicing with humans for a few years, she was hired by well-known holistic vet, Dr. Monique Maniet, in the Washington DC Metro area to offer massage to her pet-clientele.  

Wendy's role at VHC turned into much more. There she assisted in patient visits, dentistry, wellness-care, nutritional counseling, flower essence consultations, end-of-life transitions, filling homeopathic, herbal and conventional prescriptions, running labs, home care visits for special needs and aging pets, plus managing the clinic.

Thereafter, she practiced animal communication from her home office, and worked as Senior Sales Associate, managing the supplement section with The Big Bad Woof in the mid-2000's. From there she officially started Conscious Paws in the local area, offering in-home fluid therapy, nail clipping, massage, healing and pet-sitting services.

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