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Yellow Flower

Flower Essences

Flower Essences are one of the highest forms of energy healing.

Graceful and dynamic in their ability to establish emotional equilibrium, flower essences ignite and fortify the spirit and soul, and uncover latent talents or denied life force within humans, animals, plants, and even in land and water environments.

Like other forms of natural medicine, flower essences take effect by treating the individual, not the disease or the symptoms of disease.  They work specifically on the emotional-spiritual condition, inviting ones inherent nature into balance.

Essences are created by picking a blossom at its highest stage of life force, such as the initial or mid-blooming of a flower.  The blossom is then set in a bowl of pure water at high noon, when the sun is strongest.

The energy of the flower is then imbued into the water via the sun.  This essence is then stored in a glass bottle as the mother tincture, preserved with some form of alcohol or glycerin.

When an essence is applied externally or taken internally the vibration of the essence illuminates the receiver, offering its consciousness.

Custom Formulas

We mainly work with Flower Essence Society essence and Bach Flowers.  We make custom formulas to address a variety of emotional and energetic imbalances that present and ship them directly.

Here is a short video of how to apply flower essences to your cat--coming soon!

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