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Outdoor Meditation

How Does Telepathy Work

All beings are storehouses of information. 


This information is stored in our energy bodies (the chakra system, the nervous system and cellular makeup).  Similar to how data is stored on a computer hard drive, our thoughts, feelings, and experiences vibrate and thus express this data via waves of vibrational information and patterns. 


These vibrational resonances are easily read and translated by one who is awakened and attuned to the natural world, and who hears and speaks without use of the spoken word.  This is called telepathy or clairvoyance.

What Does a Session Entail

I work will clients over the phone.  Sometimes in person. 


Over the phone the pet owner and I converse about whatever their concerns or questions are.  I ask several standard questions and then put the phone down while the owner sits in quiet mindfulness. 


I connect with their animal.  I introduce myself to the pet and then converse for a short or extended period of time, depending on the animal’s personality and nature of the questions asked.

Then I directly convey the information I have received in a collaborative dialogue between the animal, owner and myself.  Most sessions require a half-hour to one hour time frame.  Some sessions are shorter while others longer, it's based on how many animals to talk with, and the themes/issues presenting.

Energywork is included, if the need or invitation presents.

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