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We are thrilled to announce our non-profit Enrichment Sanctuary & Rescue is now official!


Donations are made through Clover, a fully encrypted bank account, for privacy of donor and full transparency.  
If Donor would prefer an invoice be sent we can do that--please email here to have one sent.  


We are non-profit registered in the state of Maryland
& Official IRS 501c3 Incorporated
All donations are tax-deductible
EIN# 93-2516845


CPR provides ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS & EDUCATION with the intention of enhancing and refining the innate and intrinsic relationship between humans, animals, and nature, and to raise awareness of our role in stewarding right-relationship across species lines, by acknowledging the intelligence in All life, and thus facilitating deeper-mindful awareness of species everywhere.

We additionally provide HOLISTIC SANCTUARY to animals on the threshold of life and death via RESCUE and REHABILITATION.

CPR serves local and international communities.


 We envision raising awareness about the special role animal’s play in our lives and the world, including their innate intelligence, their ability to communicate, and why incorporating integrative mindful practices, including mindful medicine, are inextricably linked to their overall well-being.

Through educational events and social fundraisers (both online and in-person) we raise awareness and monies to fund our sanctuary/rescue, and build alliances with other local and international animal non-profits and mindfully-based animal organizations in support of their missions, with a special interest in local rescue relief and wildlife conservation organizations all over the world.


We honor heart-mind-body coherence and presence in all of our offerings, promoting mindfulness and compassion towards animals and people. 


Programs are under development
We are fundraising to bring them forward in Spring-Summer 2024

Ginger Cat

Sanctuary Rescue

We provide sanctuary rescue, rehabilitation for small animals at this time, mainly cats and dogs.  

Neo-natal kittens and pets in need of end-of-life care, are of special interest.

Our future-physical rescue location will offer boarding and house pets in need of hospice care and sanctuary, and for our educational enrichment programs.


Friends at Camp

Animal Awareness Camps

Our Animal Awareness Camps partner directly with local county and city school systems, as well as, families to foster children's interest and teach awareness of conscious care practices for the betterment of the lives of their pets, and/or future adoptions or rescued and/or purchased pets. 

Public and private camps are held throughout the year. 


Camps include:
Teaching mindfulness
towards pets and nature.

Experience time with nature and animals, away from busy life.

Listen to our inner-intelligence, fostering our personal and collective roles in stewarding relationships with all life.


White Horse

Alchemy with Animals

Our courses, in-person and online, as well as our publications are created and offered in support of humans learning the value of communicating with animals and nature.

In fostering the art of conscious
heart-centered telepathy, we foster communication across species lines.  

Board Members

Wendy Groomes, Founder and President
Andrea Feig, Secretary
Shannon Plummer, Treasurer
Pennye Napier-Jones, Strategic Advisor



We welcome all donations towards our mission and vision.
We are non-profit registered in the state of Maryland and official IRS 501c3 Incorporated.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

We are seeking physical location for entire vision: sanctuary, summer camp facility and educational programs.  Your donation will make all the difference in our mission.

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