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All jobs and rates based on initial consultation

Pet-Sitting & Care

with Wendy Groomes

Services for dogs, cats, rabbit, birds, chickens and reptiles

Special Needs Care can include:
subQ-fluids, meds and extra-special care for elderly animals.

Helping puppies and kittens adjust to new home, and special attention to rescued animals.

Walks, Visits $25 one animal
SubQ-Fluids $25 per visit
Boarding $90 per day/night
Overnights $120 a night, based on one pet


July 2009 - April 2012

August 1999

Post-COVID our pet-sitting services only serve clients local to Germantown, Maryland, within a radius of 5-10 miles, all based on referrals and each prospective job/client is dependent on initial meeting/consultation, to see if we are best suited in serving you and your pets needs.

During a change in residence, and living in the beauty of Sligo Creek Park, we worked as a Senior Sales Associate with The Big Bad Woof, in Takoma Park, Washington, DC.  There we built a full-time pet-sitting practice and served many wonderful clients/pets in the surrounding area.

We've been pet-sitting since 1999, since working with and for Dr. Monique Maniet, at Veterinary Holistic Healing.  There we provided canine massage (certified 2000), flower essence consultations, 

Parrots on a Branch


I’ve appreciated Wendy's professional approach, the numerous times she watched my two cats.  A couple of those times have been for extended periods of 10 to 14 days.

Each time she has been very attentive to detail and given me insights into the care of the cats that have been useful.  Suggestions that I've incorporated and have helped to improve the care that they receive. This is especially true for my 18 year old, Thelma, who is so skinny and needing medication 2X per day.

Just as an aside I’m a veterinarian so not easily impressed.


The last time that you cared for the girls the weather was a formidable challenge. You provided care even when having to get to the house in 12 inches of snow and frigid temperatures. You even shoveled the walk! As long as you are doing this work I will use your services.
Thank you so much!

-Charmaine Foltz, Silver Spring, Maryland

Wendy's skills in perceiving and understanding a dog's emotions, state of mind, and sense of self were evident in the first few minutes she was with my dog.

Her abilities provided the basis for the effective training and tips she provided to me. Suffering from anxiety, fear of strangers and new situations, my dog has been a challenge in these areas.

Applying the training Wendy gave, along with advice on exercise, communication, and the use of [specific] flower essences has put my dog on a path of lessened anxiety, better behavior, and overall she is more relaxed and happy.


I highly recommend Wendy and encourage anyone with challenging pet behavior issues to reach out to her. 

-Michael in Brookeville, MD

Wendy has provided walks and stayed in my home on several occasions for multiple days. Wendy’s care of Millie was sensitive and professionally handled. Millie adores her and has become very attached to her. 

In terms of the operational side of pet care, I trust Wendy completely in my home and she cared for the home and left it in perfect condition. She was prompt in her communications setting up appointments and following through on the business side of the pet care.

Additionally, Wendy was a friendly neighbor and connected with many of my neighbors on her walks with Millie.  I highly recommend her as a pet care professional.

-S. Stewart, Washington DC

Wendy Groomes has been taking care of our dog Moxie for the last three years. We met Wendy when Moxie was an itty bitty puppy, too cute for words but still a lot of work.

Wendy helped us on what to do, has taken our dog to vet and grooming appointments ( she recommended an excellent vet and groomer) so all in all Wendy has helped us raise and train our dog. 


Our dog is so excited when she sees Wendy for her daily walk, maybe even more then when she sees us.  In addition, Wendy has take care of our dog when we are on vacation or trips, either in our home or her own home. Wendy is an amazing care taker of animals and we consider her part of our family.

-Welmoed, Takoma Park, MD

For the last several years, when we go out of town, Wendy has been a caregiver to our aging Spaniel.

In addition to being reliable and caring, Wendy always shows us how we can improve the well-being and happiness of our pet.

Obviously, we recommend her highly.

-Beth and Jim Lieberman, Silver Spring MD

I have known Wendy for several years. She is amazing.

My dog at the time had special needs and Wendy was so generous and attentive. Rhea (and I) adored her and I was lucky enough to be able to leave my baby and not worry.


After we moved away, Wendy spoke with Rhea several times before and after she crossed over. It was wonderful and so helpful.

Wendy also recommended a flower essence, which helped me tremendously with my grief. I am so thankful for Wendy and highly recommend her.

-Maggie S, Takoma Park

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Beautiful Tia - 16 years young
Cat Sitting in Florida
Baby Bunnies - total sweeties
Handsome Kinger - annual transport to FL
Moxie Mox
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