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In traditional languages…Aztec, Mayan, Quechua…
you talk to the Earth, you talk with birds and animals with
their same voice, with the same heart…

There is nothing strange about this because we are
part of the same creation.  And if the creation is part of everything

around, below, and above you, then by communicating you are

extending yourself and expanding yourself to the point where you

actually become the eagle, the jaguar, the flower, the roots, the tree [the star].

You don’t separate yourself as a human and merely
intellectualize your connection and relationship to the
rest of creation.

~Aztec Mazati

What Is Animal Communication?

Communicating with animals is an active conscious relational language that encompasses numerous levels of telepathic conversation, heart-mind intelligence, and compassionate wisdom.

You’ve got a gift girl, thank you for making it available! 


This is just a note to thank you

for your healing services. 

They work!

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